Cohoes NY Speeding Ticket Attorney

Attorney Randall Kehoe has represented people charged with speeding (VTL 1180) and other traffic violations in Cohoes since his practice opened in 1990. He offers affordable fees in all types of cases including traffic tickets like SPEED IN ZONE, SPEED OVER 55 (speeding), 1144a FLD DUE CARE EMERGENCY VEHICLE, 1163 turn signal violations, OP Mobile Phone / Portable Electronic Device, as well as more serious misdemeanors like A.U.O. and suspended licenses resulting from failure to pay a fine or answer summons. Feel free to call or submit an online inquiry regarding your case and our office will put you in contact with the attorney where you can discuss all relevant details. Points, insurance, fees, and sometimes license restrictions may be weighing on your mind and because of his extensive experience, Mr. Kehoe may be able to help you understand where your case is going and what you can expect to happen. Speak with a Cohoes traffic lawyer today!

It seems most people consider cities to be a little larger than the City of Cohoes as it's a pretty quiet place these days - at least around 2010. But who knows what the future holds. It's located in Albany county, right across the river from the larger city of Troy. As small as it may be, the city still hands out a fair number of New York speeding tickets and other violations each year.

Mr. Kehoe also offers affordable DWI / DUI defense fees in Albany County.. Please call or email to discuss your particular case as DWI cases vary widely. Our fees are very reasonable for unaggravated DWI cases in the Cohoes City Court and there are no hidden fees. Especially with Leandra's laws mandating the installation and maintenance of an alcohol-detecting device on your vehicle, DWI is an increasingly serious charge and must be handled with care by an attorney familiar with local policy, prosecutors, and courts.

We are available to appear as Of Counsel in the Cohoes City Court. If you are an attorney or law firm seeking local counsel in Albany County, NY please contact us with details of your request.

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